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Once you learn how to write short posts with impact, you'll see the benefits of doing so.

Start with a Compelling Headline

You know it's true. You read a post, or anything for that matter, based on the headline that you clicked through. Your headline needs to tell the reader what's in the content without being absurd or tricky. Tell them what you're going to tell them for the most impact.

Be Concise

A short blog post with all the fluff removed will make a huge impact because it's based on one main subject and point. You won't have to worry about losing your readers' attention with a short post that imparts one important point to the reader. Good editing will help make short blog posts impactful.

Make It Scannable

People read differently online than they read on paper. On paper people always read from left to right. Online people tend to scan something from top to bottom first, looking at the left side of the page. Using bullets, headlines, and attention-grabbing headlines will help guide the reader.

Laser Focus the Topic

A short post needs one laser-focused topic to consider with one main point. For example, instead of "5 Reasons to XYZ" you might want to write about "The Most Important Reason to XYZ".

Engage Your Readers

Always ask for comments. You can make a huge impact with engagement after your one-topic post. This makes the short blog post worth more than a larger post in terms of shareability and activity.

Include Relevant Imagery

Using the right images for your posts carries new weight, because the better your image the more likely it will be shared by those who read it. A well-composed blog post along with the right image will make a huge impact.

Know Your Audience

Which platforms does your audience use to access your content? How can you customize your content to match audience needs, wants, and preferences? What does your audience want and need to know? Any way that you can do that will improve the impact of your short posts immeasurably.

Short blog posts also take less time to write than longer posts. They don't have to keep the reader's attention as long, and focus on only one topic at a time. Focus each short blog post on a minute topic that is important to your audience for the most impact.

Not sure how to write a blog post that will attract readers? That is the topic of this article. Anyone can sit down and write a blog post, but how do you write one that will gain followers and bring them back for more?

A post should be interesting enough that the reader will want to read it through to the end. Personally, I don't like extra long blog posts, because, even though the post may hold my attention, I just don't have time to read really long posts, so I generally, just skim them or skip them altogether.

So, let's look a few components when trying to decide how to write a blog post.

• Length - it should be long enough to say what you need to, but short enough that the reader can grasp it fairly quickly.

• Title - the title of the blog post needs to reveal what the post is about and should be keyword rich so the post has a good chance of getting ranked in the search engines

• Images - people love pictures so use them in your posts when you can. Images help to get the point across.

• Main points - make a few main points clearly. Remember this is not a book, so keep your writing concise and to the point.

A blog post is meant to convey something to your readers. Whether you are sharing information on a certain topic, teaching something, sharing recipes or pictures, think about what the purpose of each post is. Then write accordingly.

Many online business owners use their blogs to establish them as an expert in their field. They can share information on topics in their niche, and others will begin to see them as an authority.

A blog is also meant to connect your with your readers because it allows them to interact with you by leaving comments and asking questions. A blog that gains a loyal group followers of people who come back time and again, and leave comments to interact with you is worth its weight in gold. Much better than a blog that brings in a lot of one-time visitors who read what you have to say, but never comment.

You can write blog posts ahead of time when you use a platform such as WordPress. That way, if you are writing a series on a particular topic, and want to write your blog posts all at once, you can do so, and schedule them to go out at regular intervals.

When thinking about how to write a blog post, think about what you can offer that is of value to your readers. Then invite them to join in the discussion by asking questions and leaving their thoughts.